The Surrealist and His Naughty Hand

palsa_jule_a2Released 12.9.2014  Length 68′

The Surrealist and His Naughty Hand is a film about Finnish artist Kalervo Palsa (Janne Reinikainen as Kalervo) who was completely neglected by his peers and time.

The film is an attempt to understand his inner world. Not a chronicle.
Kalervo Palsa was ahead of his time as a painter. The film depicts his dreams and the paintings that followed these hallucinations.

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Boy Upside Down

ap-juliste_nettiFeature film 2014 Opens in cinemas 29.8.2014 Distributed by SF Film Finland Oy

A tragicomedy about an 11-year old boy whose parents die in a car accident. The boy refuses to mourn; instead, he develops an obsession of investigating the accident. Oliver gets to know a peculiar man – a vagabond – who knows something about the accident. A reluctant friendship developsbetween the boy and the man. All the well-kept secrets of the man are revealed while the boy is forced to face the facts and the emotions caused by his parents’ death.

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Naked Harbour

Naked Harbour INTL posterLength 120 min, 2012

Naked Harbour is a film about Finnish love : it follows several parallel stories of characters facing something irreversible, on a one grey and cold winter week, in a quest to find love and acceptance. In a world where societies expectations are high, and the pressures of everyday life create a shroud of secrecy.

This mosaic of characters is portraying people that are imperfect, weak and lost, but they are driven by the same need to be loved, seen and touched.

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