Emergency call – A Murder Mystery

jule_netti copyDocumentary film 2014, 82 minutes, In cinemas 3.10.2014

A father of four children gets brutally stabbed several times with their children in the family home. During the brutal action the wife is on the phone to the emergency center. Emergency Call – A Murder Mystery is a documentary film tracking down the story that begins after the fatal night. As the story unfolds we hear from all emerging sides as the prosecution develops it’s case against the mother of four.  …read more

Battle for Rio

SONY DSCDocumentary film, 2014, 78 minutes

Rio de Janeiro, famous for its beauty as much for its violence, has initiated a unique experiment: A “pacification process” in the favelas was launched in 2008 to improve city security in preparation for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. …read more

In the Darkroom

Darkroom_Plakat_A6web1Documentary film 100 min, world premiere November 2012 at IDFA. Finnish premiere 15.03.2013

Magdlena Kopp.She was married to the most wanted terrorist in the world: Carlos The Jackal.  She followed him through the birth of international terrorism of which he became the star. From the small conservative Bavarian town where she grew up to the ’68 revolutionary zeitgeist of Berlin and the radical leftist cells of Frankfurt, men were always at the root of her troubles.


…read more